Johnstown Store Raided And Owner Arrested
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The police are walking out of a downtown Johnstown business why?  They are walking out of the business because they say people were walking in to buy illegal drugs.  We have found out why the police targeted the business and why its owner is behind bars.  We have gotten ahold of the warrant that led to the search.  The police carried bags of what they say is illegal drugs from Johnstown Fashions on Wednesday.  The search warrant says that the police were notified that a man was going to buy illegal drugs from James Williams, the stores' owner.  At around noon on Wednesday the police watched the man go into the "Fashions" and then walk out.  He stopped and the police say he had a drug called K2 and pills on him.  The police say he admitted to buying the drugs from Williams.  He added that Williams had more drugs in a black backpack at his store.  The investigators set up surveillance outside the store on Wednesday evening and say they noticed seven people walk in and out of the store.  They noted none of them were leaving with any merchandise.  The police used that to obtain the search warrant to get in the store.  They say they found what is believed to be synthetic marijuana, drug items and even a hand gun.  Right now Williams is in the county jail charged with possessing a gun.  He is not allowed to because he is a convicted felon.