Richland Tower Fire
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Joanne Klucik, one of many seniors living in the Richland Towers, was forced to evacuate after a fire broke out in one of the apartments.  Fire trucks and ambulances were everywhere as firefighters broke windows for ventilation.  As smoke started to fill the apartments and hallways, Firefighters stormed the building trying to get everyone to safety. With a pouring rain, seniors took cover under tents.  Emergency crews gave them water and blankets and put bracelets on them to make sure everyone was accounted for.  The seniors were bussed to nearby Graystone apartments and were housed in the restaurant.  Emergency crews too the hands of those who needed help.  Amber Tokarcik said that the fire broke out in her apartment.  The inside charred, her belongings on the ground.  That is how neighbors living inside a local apartment building described a fire that sparked last night.  This is a video of seniors crowding the parking lot after they were evacuated from the Richland Towers in Richland Township.  The fire chief tells us the fire broke our in a closet in one of the apartments.